Communicate Less To Be More Effective

Communicate Less To Be More Effective

Time is a precious resource which slips away from us like grains of sand falling through our fingers – often the biggest drain on our time is time spent on communication that does not help us in our tasks or which is simply a drain on our attention and focus.

A significant proportion of the communication that we receive is pointless.

Thinking about the communication that you receive, and the communication messages you send out, ask the yourself what would be the outcome if you:

  • Remove it – remove any communication that, when stopped, will do no harm at all
  • Reduce it – change updates from weekly to fortnightly. It might be reassuring to have weekly performance figures but if all is stable and running well this would be a sensible decision
  • Shorten it – reduce meeting length, shorten the agenda by 25%, slim down documents and presentations by 33%
  • Stop it – suggest scrapping meetings where a simple email conversation and call for action would do the job just as well
  • Ban it – especially the “reply all” option with email as very few of us read, let alone care, about long email chains on the thoughts and views of a large group of people

Communication should be all about causing something to happen, not just saying something for the sake of it.

Communication that causes nothing is a waste of time.

Good Luck!

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