What Remains Constant In Being A Successful Manager?

Change is an ever-present feature of the management job, trends come and go, pressures and priorities shift, staff come and go, but the following issues remain constant:

  1. Paying attention: never take your eye off what is happening around you, what the next big issue will be and how you can better yourself.
  2. Being civil: however frustrating and annoying the job, subordinates, superiors, customers and stakeholders might be there is absolutely no excuse for rudeness and disrespect.
  3. Encouraging others: always work to encourage the inputs, opinions and concerns of those around you. To not do this means not being aware of better ideas and opinions.
  4. Recruiting the right people to the right positions at the right time: this almost always guarantees good outcomes!

Remember the above and do them well!

Good Luck!

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