Three Questions Every Manager Should Ask Themselves

Three Questions Every Manager Should Ask Themselves

Self-review is an important part of the job –but WHAT exactly should you be asking yourself on a regular basis:

  1. Think very deeply and carefully about what being “customer led” actually means? In all honestly are your rules, processes and procedures preventing you from actually delivering on this?
  2. Do you, and the wider organisation, actually stand for and believe in anything? If it is all about making a profit, then you believe and subscribe to nothing! You need to believe in something so at least identify this and then work towards it.
  3. What does the data you are collecting, and have collected, actually mean? Are you, and people within the organisation, brave enough to deal with the real situation that you uncover?

Take this even further and ask the same questions of your colleagues.

Difficult questions give difficult answers but at least you know the reality and can move forward, develop systems and processes to address what you fine to be in need of change. That can only be a good thing.

Good Luck!

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