How To Select The Best Solution To Your Problem

How To Select The Best Solution To Your Problem

Selecting a solution to any problem or issue can be done following the five key steps below:

  1. Set the goals you wish to achieve: use economic or non-economic criteria BUT be very clear about the outcome that you want.
  2. Set and weight the criteria selected
  3. Identify alternative routes to achieve your goal(s) you have identified
  4. Gather hard information on the benefits and costs of each (economic or non-economic)
  5. Compare alternatives against the criteria using this information
  6. Choose which route to recommend

The trick here is to consult widely, to get the maximum number of perspectives on the problem, but skill is needed to effectively integrate possibly conflicting ideas and opinions. There is also a need to ignore people who want to help – far better to consult and hence invite opinion/ideas, although this may be costly and take time.

Good Luck!

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