How To Improve Your Influencing Skills

How To Improve Your Influencing Skills

We all want to be able to influence those around us and to steer things in our direction. There are many positive and negative ways to do this but success in raising or increasing your influencing skills is down to planning ahead with clarity upon the methods that you will use and a focus upon exactly what it is that you want to achieve at the end of the process.

The steps needed are:

  1. Setting the aim: define as clearly as possible what it is that you want to achieve. Make sure that this is written in an unambiguous way e.g. the team will have agreed to start work on the new project by 09.00 tomorrow. The test of the aim should always be measureable – 09.00 is a fixed point in time and can be very easily measured.
  2. Setting success criteria: what counts as success for what you are trying to achieve? This should be expressed very clearly with measurable targets so that progress can be seen, e.g. the team will have proposed three methods to get the project back on-track with names against specific tasks or duties. These criteria set out unambiguous measures of performance and progress and show what needs to be achieved clearly and concisely. Also you will be able to identify remedial action very quickly, should the need arise.
  3. Plan behaviour: with clear objectives and success criteria you will be able to decide what to do or say during the event, taking into account the situation and the power/interests of those you are attempting to influence

Good Luck!

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