How To Use Goals As A Motivational Tool

How To Use Goals As A Motivational Tool

Setting goals for staff is part of the management role but this needs careful thought before you decide what to set for each individual member of staff.

  • Individual members of staff that lack motivation do not have clear goals to work towards. This can be rectified by systematically and regularly setting specific targets so that behaviour and motivation can be maintained.
  • Goals need to be challenging but realistic. Nobody will be motivated by a target that is simply not achievable but difficult goals lead to high performance outcomes. Impossible goals demotivate quickly and increase stress, lower performance and ultimately drive staff to leave.
  • Feedback is crucial in managing goals: this should be complete, accurate and timely. Feedback is your primary tool for checking on progress and for any revision to the goal that was set.
  • Goals can be determined and set by either management or the member of staff themselves. There may be an element of participation by a group of staff in setting goals, in which case these goals are likely to be accepted relatively easily. Employee participation in goal setting will usually lead to higher levels of performance and outcomes.

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