How To Assess Managers in 6 Easy Steps

How To Assess Managers in 6 Easy Steps

If you need to make a quick assessment on how your managers are performing, which you can then use as the basis for both Appraisal and Supervision sessions, the following 6 Factors will give you a clear insight into their performance:

  1. Self Confidence
  • Too little: indecisive, avoids risks, does not seek to influence others
  • Too much: arrogant, acts too quickly, takes too many risks
  1. Need for Esteem
  • Too little: does not seek recognition or build a reputation for high expertise and reliability
  • Too much: preoccupied with recognition and status, exaggerates achievements, covers up mistakes and blames others
  1. Need for Affiliation
  • Too little: does not try to form strong relationships or to build a network of social contacts
  • Too much: overly concerned about being liked and accepted by others, will not risk unpopularity by asking for sacrifices or insisting on better outputs and performance
  1. Need for Independence
  • Too little: depends upon others for direction, follows rules always, avoids any initiative taking
  • Too much: resents authority, too quick to ignore rules and procedures
  1. Altruism and Value recognition
  • Too little: selfish, does not care about the needs of others, may exploit staff for their own personal and professional gain
  • Too much: overly generous, too forgiving, unable to ask for extra effort from staff when it is needed, cannot maintain discipline
  1. Performance Focus
  • Too little: accepts poor performance and does not push for any improvement
  • Too much: perfectionist and is overly demanding, never satisfied

Remember – ALWAYS be prepared to support and justify your views when carrying out this simple assessment.

Good Luck!

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