How To Be An Excellent Manager

How To Be An Excellent Manager

This is not difficult IF you follow the pointers below.

The key to success here is to be brutally honest with yourself and to ask for and act upon honest feedback on your performance on a regular and systematic basis.

  1. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses: know what is required for you to be judged as successful. If you know your strengths then you can work to develop them further and understanding your weaknesses makes them easier to manage and to develop your skills to reduce their impact. Always seek out feedback and act upon it.
  2. Be very self-aware: know your own needs, emotions, abilities and behaviour. Being aware of your reactions to difficult or challenging circumstances and how you then process this information is very important. Optimism in the face of difficulty is a key skill in the face of setbacks and growing problems. Always be aware of the consequences of your approach and decisions.
  3. Identify skills needed for future leadership positions: continuous learning and self-development are the keys to success in getting more senior management positions. Identify the skills that you need to develop and extend and then actively find out what training exists to help you to achieve this.
  4. Remember that strengths can become weaknesses: success in your early career is good but as the job becomes more complex those skills may not be relevant. Brilliant analytical work and experience is fine but progression into management means developing a new set of skills. Confidence can become arrogance, innovation may develop into recklessness, being decisive can become rashness.
  5. Compensate for your weaknesses: know what you are not good at and seek out staff who can complete these tasks for you. Delegate responsibility to qualified individuals and share the responsibility for a task or a challenge.

Good Luck!

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