Is Your Team A High Performing Team?

Is Your Team A High Performing Team?

Managers are assessed and judged by the way in which their team functions: is the team doing what it should be doing, is it exceeding or falling short of expectations?

The following is a quick review tool that will help you come to a correct diagnosis of the effectiveness and efficiency of your team.

Productivity – is the team getting enough done?

Empathy – do the team members feel comfortable with each other?

Roles and goals – do the team members fully understand what they are required to do?

Flexibility – are they open to outside influences and contributions from a variety of sources and media?

Openness – do they say what they think? Is communication good?

Recognition – do they praise each other and are achievements publicised and celebrated?

Morale – do people want to be in this team? Is it hard or easy to get new team members?

By continually using the PERFORM framework you will be able to assess performance and modify your approach to goals and team dynamics.

Good Luck!

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