Ten Golden Rules Of Successful Selling

Ten Golden Rules Of Successful Selling

We all have something to sell, even if this is just ourselves!

I getting customers to buy your product or service the following Ten Rules need to be followed at all times to maximise the return of the time and passion you have ale=ready invested into the business:

  1. You HAVE to research the market. It is just not good enough to have a product and then just wait for customers to come in droves to your front door.
  2. You must network. This might be a problem if you are perhaps shy or a little uncomfortable in making new relationships and contacts but you HAVE to get out there and make contact with a wide a group as possible.
  3. You MUST follow up the networking contacts you are making with a clean, crisp phone call where the object of the exercise is to secure a quick meeting. Do not be fooled into thinking an email will do! How many emails do you get in a day that you then ignore?
  4. At that meeting you MUST close the sale. Get that order and deliver it. See my other Blogs on Seles Closure and Selling Techniques.
  5. You MUST actively seek out ways to get either free or low-cost publicity to get your message out as far and as wide as possible.
  6. You MUST use your best clients as a means by which they market your services for you.
  7. You MUST make sure that there are always leads that you can process and develop as you should never be in the position where you have no potential clients to work with.
  8. You MUST have a simple, informative and attractive website. Never over-complicate this and go for maximum functionality.
  9. You MUST be continually looking for strategic allies and possible partnerships to broaden your appeal. The trick here is that complimentary businesses can cross-refer without the worry about giving away customers.
  10. You SHOULD at least consider teaming up with other businesses where at least moral and psychological support is offered, which can be a big boost if you are flagging and need encouragement.

Always remember that you cannot afford to do nothing about selling and sales!

Good Luck!

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