How Effective Is Your Team? Key Questions

How Effective Is Your Team? Key Questions

If there are any doubts in your mind regarding the purpose and functioning of your team you need to consider asking the following questions and then considering the answers before moving forward:

Who is my team trying to beat?

  • What is competition like with other teams?
  • Are those competing teams inside or outside the organisation?
  • What exactly are the benefits of that competition?
  • What are the disadvantages?
  • On balance is it best for my team to compete and win successfully or to co-operate with other teams?

What about clearly defined roles?

  • To what extent does the achievement of team goals depend on two or more members working closely together?
  • To what extent do the interactions, information exchange and joint working of team members need to be orderly, predictable and polished?
  • If the above are casual, will my team still succeed?
  • Could any team member fulfil any of the roles in the team?
  • Are there a large number of specialist roles and is this a limiting factor?
  • Are you planning to swop roles around and if so is this an easy/worthwhile process?

How close are the working relationships in the team?

  • How important is loyalty to the team?
  • Does this level of loyalty give me any disadvantages?
  • Are team size and team membership fixed?
  • To what extent do people belong to more than one team?
  • What proportion of the team is made up of part time staff? What is the pattern of their contribution?
  • Can guests and specialist input speakers add anything to the mix?
  • What activity needs to be circulated around only a few members of the team? Does this pose a significant risk?
  • How long are members of the team likely to remain members? Are there risks if people stay in the team for too long?

Good Luck!

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