The TOP Managerial Challenges Today

The TOP Managerial Challenges Today

For any manager, and any business, to be a success we continually must think hard about the way the business is organised, how it inspires, deploys its resources, its values and beliefs and the way in which staff are rewarded.

The new Management Bible should contain the “buzz words” of quality, flexibility, low cost, entrepreneurial activity and autonomy at ALL levels within the organisation.

The situation now looks like this:

Re-engineered model: continually refining what we must do to reduce cost and increase efficiency
Global outlook: the purely domestic market died a long time ago!
Speed and quality: better and faster!
Information is the lifeblood of success: poor information means a quick death
No compromise: believe in what you believe in and deliver it!
Customer focus: all of the time with no compromises
Flattened structure: we cannot afford to have large and deep organisational pyramids any more
Decentralised: let staff get on with the job
Shared values: managerial, staff and customer values should be aligned 100% of the time
Culturally diverse: get the mix right
Flexible teams: groups of staff and managers working together systematically

Make sure that you see that your core staff groups are an asset rather than a set of unavoidable costs where interaction with the customer, accompanied by a degree of freedom to do what is best to keep the customer happy. Staff now must be focused upon creating value for the customer.

Loyalty to the customer is the only way organisations will survive.

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