How To Be A Flexible Manager

How To Be A Flexible Manager

Organisations thrive and grow because their staff, and specifically their management talent, is flexible in their approach to all aspects of the job and the wider organisational context.

So, what are the 5 Golden Rules of Flexibility?

  1. Never decide upon a course of action and then stick to it, regardless of the challenges and difficulties this brings.
  2. Never just do what others tell you to do! Think about issues and problems yourself and make your own judgements.
  3. Never takes things as they are presented and never accept things at face value. Look for what lies underneath and the trends that are shaping situations. Never thing symptoms, think causes!
  4. Always work to widen your goals and your vision: always make sure that you challenge, appropriately of course, recognised knowledge and develop your own ideas and opinions.
  5. When you know it is right to do so change and refine your vision and then change your approach and direction accordingly.

Never be disappointed when plans do not go as expected and look at unexpected setbacks as a key tool in your learning and development.

Good Luck!

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