How Self-Aware Am I?

How Self-Aware Am I?

There are many different ways in which you evaluate yourself – you might even know people who are (apparently) unaware of how they come across to others!

Having a good understanding about you as an individual is a key factor in success in all aspects of life, be that work, family or socially related.

The most critical areas of self-awareness that contribute directly to strong managerial performance are outlined below, which are relevant to achieving life success, performing well in teams, making good decisions, creativity, motivation, communication and in achieving targets:

  • Emotional Intelligence: the ability to correctly diagnose and manage your own emotions and relationships with others. This is the most important factor that contributes to managerial success and in gaining promotion. This area is twice as important as the knowledge that you have and any technical expertise that your role demands. Good Emotional Intelligence also contributes very strongly to the financial performance of the organisation. How Emotionally Intelligent are you?
  • Personal Values: the core of who you are and how you conduct yourself. This is built around your moral principles, personal standards and the way in which you make moral judgements. Be clear on what these are and consider if any might need revision or modification.
  • Cognitive Style: how you gather and process information. This has an impact upon how you perceive issues, your learning approach, problem solving, decision making, communication and creativity. Do you gather information as a priority or do you wait for it to come to you?
  • Change Perception; how open are you to the change process and what this means in practical terms? The world is moving at a very fast pace, is becoming more uncertain and increasingly fragmented. To know and understand your personal view of these processes is important in how you deal with them.
  • Core self-evaluation: how you relate to central personality traits and how this is displayed in your work and relationships. These factors include neuroticism, extroversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness. Think carefully about how each of these five factors impacts upon you and the way in which you operate.

What we value, how we feel about ourselves and others, how we conduct ourselves and what we are seeking to achieve all impact upon our behaviour and hence our levels of self-awareness.

By continually seeking feedback on how we are presenting ourselves and through good self-critical review we can get an insight into how we present ourselves, making modifications as necessary.

Good Luck!

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