5 Step Process To Become a Positive Leader

5 Step Process To Become a Positive Leader

The way in which you present yourself will always have a direct impact upon how your team function: effective and efficient teams are run by positive and open leaders.

By having a clear focus on how you are performing, your own emotional and motivational state and your positive (or not-so positive approach!) you will directly impact upon the team’s outlook and outputs.

To be happy, content and a motivational force for your team consider the following 5 points:

  1. Use positive emotions to sell the tasks that need to be accomplished and look to motivate your people to develop and excel in their work
  2. Make sure that your interactions with the team are as engaging as possible, using stretch targets and developmental goals to inspire and challenge.
  3. Have positive relationships wherever possible: an open and welcoming management style will always pay dividends regarding how the team perceive you and what they produce for you.
  4. Give work tasks a meaning: everyone wants to know that the tasks they are completing fit into a bigger picture and that their efforts are valued. If I have no real idea why I am producing a component than I will get no satisfaction, or wider awareness, from the process.
  5. Achievements; share yours with the team BUT always make sure that the team, and the individuals within the team, get recognition and respect for their actions and outputs.

Good Luck!

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