10 Improvements Ready For You On Monday Morning

10 Improvements Ready For You On Monday Morning

Having a fresh, new mindset for Monday will help you get over the hurdle of starting the new week with a new, more productive approach.

Taking stock of where we are and recognising that change is a positive choice will mean that the dread and threat of the apocalypse that is Monday will shrink into something far more manageable.

After all, those around us who we admire and see as role models never fear Mondays – or if they do they cut it down to size as something far more manageable and not a force to be feared!

Try the following Mantra:

  • Get organised as quickly as possible – spend some time on the Friday before Monday getting your desk clear
  • Always plan your tasks the day before and NEVER on the actual day
  • Identify the critical tasks first and deal with them right away – do not dither on things that are not important (even if they look very interesting!)
  • Regularly revisit your Goals – things change and your Goals might actually become irrelevant and a weight around your neck
  • Get a good night’s sleep – tired people are never successful people
  • Always keep your eyes fully open so that you can spot, and then develop/exploit all opportunities
  • Set mini-targets that are achievable and which will give you a quick “buzz” from completion
  • Always be open to any development opportunities – this may not be formal training, it can be specific briefings, meetings and your wider reading
  • Never stop being inquisitive – use the Web to find out what is current in your field of expertise (YouTube is good for this)
  • Keep Positive and Open, despite the politics around you

Keep using the Mantra above and keep refining your approach – small improvements over time make big improvements in the long term.

Good Luck!

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