The Rules For Personal Growth

The Rules For Personal Growth

Growing into the career that you want or the management job that you are chasing is not a quick, ten minute fix and something that needs constant work and refinement. What we really want to achieve takes time and effort but the most successful people around us have got there through having a Plan and sticking to it.

So, what should be in a Plan for Personal Growth? Perhaps a good starting point would be looking carefully and objectively at the following:

  1. What is my Motivation? If I want that promotion or lifestyle, what am I prepared to sacrifice or what am I willing to do for that target? Does this mean big changes in my approach and standards and can I live with this type of change?
  2. Training and Learning – what development do I need and what can I access right now to help get me on my way? What formal qualifications might I need and/or what soft skills (decision making, leadership, communication, delegation, etc.) are weaknesses in my skills base that I need to improve? What qualifications/soft skills do my competitors have that I do not have?
  3. Creativity – how creative am I and does this show in the way I work and collaborate with others? What ideas do I have and how can I get my message out there for others to see?
  4. Have I got a Vision for where I want to be? This should be written down in objective terms (not waffle!) and with a clear measurement of success – “being happy and more content” is NOT a good vision because how can this be measured in cold, hard terms? Contrast this to “I want to be on the Board by 2021” is far better.
  5. Development – how can I develop into the place I want to be? This is all about how you come across to others, your interaction skills, how you dress, talk and use social situations to influence others. Sitting in the corner, watching and not getting involved in anything means always being in the shadows – not somewhere you should be or want to be.
  6. Planning – what is my time frame for achieving what I want to? This has to be written down and linked to both Actions and a Completion Date – not having measurable goals means just drifting, and no successful person ever just drifted!

Keep working on the pointers above, revising and refining them as necessary.

Start something positive tomorrow, and not next week!

Good Luck!

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