New Job In 2020 – Handy Hints For Job Interviews

New Job In 2020 – Handy Hints For Job Interviews

Your CV has been well-written and you have been invited to interview – well done!

The first hurdle of getting the job has been managed and your potential employer is keen to know more about you so this is your chance to shine in this process.

To increase your chances of success follow the Handy Hints below:

  1. Find out about the company: research the company website and track down any publicity material they produce to get a good feel for what they do. Also use a web search engine to find out about their recent news stories to give you a good feel about them, their products/services and how they put out their corporate messages.
  2. Research the role: revisit the job description and person specification and ask yourself how you can meet each of those separate lines. This will form the basis of the interview questions themselves so preparation is vital here.
  3. Be organised and arrive early: plan your route in advance and always aim to arrive between 15 to 20 minutes early so that you are not rushing about. The nerves will be jangling anyway so why make this worse by arriving late. If you do arrive very early take a walk around the block to compose your thoughts.
  4. Go prepared: always have a copy of your CV to hand plus any certificates or other paperwork that you might need.

Always remember that the Interview is a two-way street because as much as you want the job the employer wants the best person for that job so it is just not true to say the power and advantage lies with the Recruiter!

Good Luck!

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