How To Be A High Flier In 2020

How To Be A High Flier In 2020

If you are going to make 2020 work for you, and for you to get to the place where you need to be, the following key areas for your personal and professional development need to be at the very centre of what you are about.

  1. Take every opportunity to lead, deliver a project, lead a team or take lead responsibility for specific outcomes.
  2. Work hard to bring out the best in others. If your staff are successful at what they do this will automatically reflect well on you and your approach to the workplace, achieving targets and generating both internal and external customer satisfaction.
  3. Admit your mistakes: it is only the coward who will try to shift the blame away from themselves and onto others who have nothing to answer for.
  4. Look for feedback from those around you. The more feedback you have the more you can use this to shape your actions and strategy going forward. Having limited feedback means that you never really know how you are performing or how you can further develop your skills.
  5. Be adaptable: judging competing demands and adjusting to new situations. Recognise change ad a good thing and a way of developing your skills and knowledge.
  6. Seek out learning at every opportunity. The more you learn the more capable you become at dealing with change.
  7. Never accept ambiguity: challenging ambiguity makes complex issues simple and gives a clearer picture by which to make good quality decisions.
  8. Focus on the big picture: think carefully about linkages between different parts of the project/topic and try to think two, three or moves ahead of the current situation.
  9. Have a passion for results: getting there is always a good learning experience but it is the results that are the true measure of success.

Keep your focus on the above and keep them at the forefront of your approach for 2020 success.

Good Luck!

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