Successful Interview Strategy

New Job In 2020 – Handy Hints For Job Interviews

New Job In 2020 – Handy Hints For Job Interviews Your CV has been well-written and you have been invited to interview – well done! The first hurdle of getting the job has been managed and your potential employer is... Continue Reading →

16 Excellent Interview Questions

16 Excellent Interview Questions At the Interview it is critical to make that time the most productive it can be in forming a concrete opinion of the candidates in front of you. The trick is to ask a series of... Continue Reading →

How To Impress An Interviewer

How To Impress An Interviewer  We make judgements in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone – judgements that last and are hard to change and reverse.  If it is an interview, meeting a client for the first time or... Continue Reading →

How To Prepare For An Excellent Interview

How To Prepare For An Excellent Interview The Interview is a very important part of getting that dream job! The good news is that you can tip the balance in your favour by some basic preparation and by following the... Continue Reading →

13 Different Types Of Interviews

13 Different Types Of Interviews Forget the simple 1:1 Interview format with a few trusted but tired questions. The list below is just some of the formats that can be used to make the selection process as reliable as possible.... Continue Reading →

What Skills Do Employers Look For In The Ideal Job Applicant?

What Skills Do Employers Look For In The Ideal Job Applicant? Listening and understanding; taking on-board information in a variety of forms and doing something with it! Speaking clearly; plain English, use of appropriate and evaluative language Writing to the... Continue Reading →

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