5 Gold Star Personal Effectiveness Tips

5 Gold Star Personal Effectiveness Tips

  1. Keep things brief: always send, and insist that you receive, short, punchy and accurate messages. You do not have the time to read a novel or a Dissertation.
  2. Prepare, in advance, the questions that you need to ask and the way in which you will ask them. Putting the right questions across in the correct manner will always give you the detail that you need.
  3. Trim meetings down to a maximum of 20 minutes or, in exceptional cases, 45 minutes. This will free up time to be more productive and to make more meaningful contributions to the business.
  4. Always find an outlet or a method to de-stress. Failure to do this means your effectiveness and efficiency will take a huge downturn.
  5. Always work backwards to map out how to prepare for an event or a meeting. Working from scratch and planning forward is illogical and will not show where there are snags or areas of potential danger.

Practice the above regularly and systematically.

Good Luck!

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