Three Outstanding Management Techniques To Realise Your Potential  

There are three really simple techniques that will have a dramatic impact upon your performance as a Manager:

Setting Direction – spend around 25% of your time and attention setting a shared sense of purpose that all your team can see, recognise and buy into. This also has the benefit of producing a positive and warming social impact amongst your staff plus, if managed well, you have the opportunity at any point to implement new strategies and approaches to a receptive staff group.

Achieving Results – spend around 50% of your time meeting targets and objectives. Make sure that your performance is sustainable, that the results are of significant depth and breadth and, critically, that they exceed expectations. Always remember that achieving results has a strong positive social impact upon the team.

Generating a Culture of Growth – spend around 25% of your time communicating and showing, through your own personal style and behaviour set, positive core values of what the organisation is all about. This inspires your team but also prompts others in the team to lead projects and tasks.

Stick as far as you can to the 25:50:25 model and see how your effectiveness and efficiency improves.

Good Luck!

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