Quick Management Changes You Can Do Today

Quick Management Changes You Can Do Today

Let’s do something different, right here and right now, and try to get away from some of the mess, crisis and uncertainty you have experienced.

While it is certainly true that you cannot wave a magic wand and make things better instantly, there are some simple Questions and review questions that you CAN do very quickly which will have a positive impact upon how this week will shape up!

Try asking yourself the following questions, being honest and frank with your answers because if you are not then all you are doing is just letting things carry on the way they always have been!

Question 1 – Is Everyone in your team in the Right Role?

Get the right people focused onto the right tasks for them.  on the bus and make sure they are in the right roles. This means making sure that you recruit the right people into the right roles, right for them and for the organisation. If people are recruited then that decision needs to be focused totally upon achieving an organisational goal or objective.

Question 2 – Are staff being trained on what matters?

To achieve any target staff must be systematically trained to deliver which then shapes and brings to life a culture of trust and accountability. From this we get engagement and success.

Question 3 — Do you remove barriers and obstacles that prevent staff from achieving their goals?

How frequently and objectively do you look to assess what gets in the way of progress for your individual team members and them as individuals? What can you do that will cut away waste and allow staff to focus upon performance?

Question 4 – Is the work Meaningful?

Engaged employees are doing meaningful work and have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the company’s mission, purpose and strategic objectives. There is no point spending money on staff who are talented and skilled but who, ultimately, cannot contribute anything that the organisation wants and needs. A lack of meaningful work means demotivation, lethargy and high staff turnover.

Question 5 – Are you investing time wisely by speaking and engaging with your staff?

The more time you spend speaking and engaging with your staff the more you learn what is going on and what motivates them. Never think this is all about some mechanistic 6 month/12monthh Review and Appraisal system, this is about having worthwhile conversations about work, career and ambitions. To not do this is a sign of flawed and seriously inept management! Do this very often!

Question 6 – Are you giving regular updates on how the organisation is performing?

Make sure that you regularly discuss company successes and how staff contributions fit into this process. This also includes discussions around bottlenecks and problem areas because if staff are engaged and motivated, they will identify solutions that you cannot find.

Nothing difficult in any of this – BUT plenty of difficulties to come if you are NOT doing all of the above!

Good Luck!

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