Ethics For Managers – Four Key Principles

Ethics For Managers – Four Key Principles

Management is a complex process and there will be many different and challenging issues that you will face: having a strong ethical focus will help you to develop a style that others will respect and admire.

The following four principles are the foundation of a healthy and effective management approach:

Honesty: telling things as they are and not adding in any form of padding or deviation from what is the undeniable truth. This can be seen as being a little harsh and blunt if you do not fully think about how you structure your message BUT honesty will take you a long way in the eyes of customers and colleagues.

Responsibility: recognising that things are down to you and that you must be willing to justify your actions. This may be difficult in some circumstances, especially when there is a temptation to push the blame/focus onto someone else. Standing up for your views and actions sets you apart from those who squirm away from making the right choices.

Courage: difficult decisions and choices require a strong focus. Showing your integrity makes courageous decisions easier so that you can stand up to pressures that others will put upon you.

Good judgement: making good use of your own reasoning methods and thinking through actions in terms of likely consequences.

Good Luck!

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