The Principles Of Business Refresh

The Principles Of Business Refresh

If things are getting a little bit stale or, even worse, performance is not what it might be, then it is time for a Refresh.

Refreshing your approach and thinking about how things might be improved are key unwritten principles that all managers should subscribe to and embrace on a regular basis.

Keeping this process as simple, but effective, as possible is a key requirement here.

What should be your focus then?

  1. Champion customers: it is all about the customer, finding out what they want, asking what they will want in the future and being really clear when they want it, how they want it, where they want it and what they expect from the product or service you are delivering. Do this systematically and regularly. No excuses.
  2. Pursue excellence: no organisation should be neither better nor worse than their competition. Being just one of a crowd of potential suppliers of products or services is a poor place to be and hardly excites either the buyer or your staff. Mediocrity is just as bad a s poor performance.
  3. Lead the market through being innovative: looking carefully at your products of services and establishing how they can be remodelled to give you a competitive edge. Are there better raw materials that you can use to offer something different? What additions or modifications can you give to the services you already provide that will make you stand out from the crowd? Always remember that if you fail to do this the competition will. Look for innovation whenever and whenever possible.
  4. Succeed as a team: it is not about the individual it is all about how collaboration and sharing can make teams a truly successful means by which to deliver competitive advantage.

Apply all the above carefully and systematically and if this means asking difficult questions and receiving difficult questions then that is a very good thing!

Good Luck!

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