Making Monday More Manageable And Successful

Making Monday More Manageable And Successful

Looking back and reviewing how your week went is a key part of self-assessment and is essential in making the following week, hopefully, more productive, effective and efficient, starting bright and early on Monday morning.

Ask yourself the following questions, ideally before, but if not, actually on Monday morning and be brutally honest with yourself:

  1. Am I giving adequate attention to current activities, to reviewing the past and to planning for the future?
  2. Am I dividing my time correctly between different aspects of my job?
  3. Have I changed what I am trying to do?
  4. Am I doing work that I ought to have delegated?
  5. Who are the people that I ought to be seeing?
  6. Do I organise my working day and week, as far as possible, according to priorities?
  7. Am I able to complete a task or am I constantly interrupted?

If your answers are perhaps not what you would like to have recorded it is time to make some positive changes to get to where you need to be.

Repeat the exercise each week for a month and then review the distance you have hopefully travelled.

Good Luck!

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