The Top Ten Skills For Life

The Top Ten Skills For Life

  1. Clear sense of purpose: knowing where I am going, what I want to achieve and how to get there.
  2. Strong values and personal integrity: always delivering on what I say I will do, being honest and recognised as someone who is trustworthy and honourable.
  3. Commitment to being with others: recognising that to be a valuable friend and colleague I need to have skills that recognise the value of social groups and situations and not to believe that being aloof and distant is a healthy stare of mind.
  4. Commitment to diversity: valuing the contributions of others and respecting individual differences and perspectives.
  5. Being a good communicator: linking with others by using careful and considerate language and written content that encourages collaboration and respect.
  6. Self-awareness and reflection: knowing my own limitations and shortfalls and working hard to overcome them for the benefit of myself and those around me.
  7. Collaboration: being open and positively seeking out people that I can cooperate with at all levels.
  8. Agile and innovative mind-set: not accepting things the way they are but looking better ways of achieving my goals and aspirations while learning continually from both successes and failures.
  9. Personal resilience: being strong in difficult times and recognising that events come along that will be testing and will create stresses but which can actually be positive learning experiences.
  10. Showing empathy for others: understanding how situations and feelings impact upon others around me and being sensitive to this process, recognising that my view is not the only view there could be in any situation.

Keep focusing on the 10 points above in all of the many situations you will find yourself in!

Good Luck!

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