Influencing Skills – The Basics

Influencing Skills – The Basics

We all want to put our point across and make good decisions; this involves having a positive influence upon those around us. Good Influencing Skills separate out the successful people we all admire and respect from those who, to put it simply, get ignored or have to really struggle to make an impact.

Influencing Skills cover a wide range of different of strategies and techniques used in business. There can be positive and negative ways of influencing those around us and sadly many people are totally unaware of how they influence those around them in both a negative and positive way.

  • You might try coercion and manipulation but this is not influencing!
  • Forcing people to do what you want is often against their will and you lose their support.
  • Pushing, bullying or bludgeoning do not work and people will remember the experience for a very long time.
  • Do you opt for Tell or Sell when bringing in change and new ways of doing things?

Looking objectively at your own Influencing Skills, what does this tell me about yourself and those around me? Two important questions come from this:

  1. Should I change a little/a lot in how I deal with people?
  2. What 3 quick changes should I now make?

Quick, well-thought and balanced changes will improve your ability to influence and persuade in a positive, open and welcoming way, rather then just trying to impose your views on those around you.

Good Luck!

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