7 Top Tips For Self-Motivation

7 Top Tips For Self-Motivation

  • Have a broader view than just your own: always ensure that you consider the views of others and the likely impact of your decisions upon them. In this way, you are more likely to come up with the “right” decision. Always try to help those who are aspiring managers and get their feet onto the first rung of the managerial ladder.
  • Work with people who are better than you: these people will be a constant challenge and will spur you on to greater achievements. Network whenever you can.
  • Get yourself a Mentor: never stop seeking help and guidance from those who can assist you.
  • Influence whenever you can: help others without any expectation of a return or a favour back. This is a strong driver of successful managers and something that sets you apart from your colleagues.
  • Celebrate the success of others: being selfless and admiring are excellent qualities and will mean that others value your opinions and views. This in turn is a strong motivational force, especially in difficult and challenging times.
  • Be positive: positivity is infectious and will promote high team spirit and effectiveness. As such the motivation you give to your team will come back to you in return.
  • Plan and chase your motivation: success rarely comes overnight so write down where you are going and how you will get there. The more that you achieve the more you will be spurred on to achieve greater success and reward. Use ambition, passion and drive to achieve your goals.

Good Luck!

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