Self Awareness

Why Self-awareness And Self-regulation Are Important For Managers

Why Self-awareness And Self-regulation Are Important For Managers Self-awareness Self-awareness is our ability to accurately perceive the level of skill, knowledge, value and responsibility we use when it comes to our emotions. It gives us the confidence to know who... Continue Reading →


Personal Self-Assessment Checklist For Managers

Personal Self-Assessment Checklist For Managers We all want to know how we are doing in the job and how we link with staff, colleagues and those senior to us in the organisation. One thing that is certain is that we... Continue Reading →

How Do I Appear To Others?

How Do I Appear To Others? We all live in our own shell and we seldom take time to see how we present ourselves to others or how others might perceive us. This is important, not only in terms of... Continue Reading →

Good Self-Reflection Questions

Good Self-Reflection Questions What are my first thoughts about the year that has passed? Mostly positive or negative? If positive, what comes to mind specifically? Negative? What did I discover about my job role and the organisation this year? What... Continue Reading →

Assessing My Employability Skills

Assessing My Employability Skills We rarely sit down to think about how our employability skills are being developed (unless we see a job advertised and then decide to apply for it!). What we should all be doing, on a regular... Continue Reading →

7 Top Tips For Self-Motivation

7 Top Tips For Self-Motivation Have a broader view than just your own: always ensure that you consider the views of others and the likely impact of your decisions upon them. In this way, you are more likely to come... Continue Reading →

The Four Rules Of Performance

The Four Rules Of Performance What sets out good performance from poor performance? We recognise poor performance instantly but the science of Performance really boils down to four  inter-related components. Competence – are you credible in carrying out the task... Continue Reading →

Self-Mastery – Developing Your Effectiveness

Self-Mastery – Developing Your Effectiveness We are all responsible for our own development and often the most successful managers realise this and do not wait for the Corporate Training juggernaut to hitch up and provide everything from one day Soft... Continue Reading →

What Is The One Key Skill Every Leader Needs?

What Is The One Key Skill Every Leader Needs? The most important skill that a leader needs, as which we all need, is that of being totally self-aware. This involves really paying attention to yourself and turning around your view... Continue Reading →

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