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Every Manager’s Top 5 Priorities

Every Manager’s Top 5 Priorities Managers will always have an impact upon the profitability and success of their organisation so the earlier we can learn to be both effective and efficient in what we do the more likely we are... Continue Reading →


How To Ignore What Others Think And Focus On YOU!!!!

How To Ignore What Others Think And Focus On YOU!!!! We all want to succeed, perform at our best and make the most positive impression that we can BUT lots of people with drive and passion are not achieving their... Continue Reading →

What High Achievers Do

What High Achievers Do Have a clear task and purpose Focus on achieving results Have a clear view of their personal vision and values Can effectively and efficiently solve problems and make decisions Recognise conflict when it happens and effectively... Continue Reading →

How Am I Doing In My Job?

How Am I Doing In My Job? Forget agonising over the long-awaited and possibly dreaded Supervision meeting or the Annual Appraisal: we can all get a quick feel for how things are going by asking some simple questions of ourselves,... Continue Reading →

How To Be A Successful Manager

How To Be A Successful Manager The demands of management mean that we need to perfect an approach to tasks that is just more than a one-dimensional, “one size fits all” style of delivery and decision-making. The “job” is far... Continue Reading →

How To Be A More Productive Manager

How To Be A More Productive Manager We all want to do more, be better at what we do and rise above everyone else so that we get noticed, become more popular and get the next step up the corporate... Continue Reading →

How To Be A Success

How To Be A Success Successful people are to be admired! We can all think of someone who gets things right, makes good decisions, achieves against their targets, are the focus of positive attention, the life-and-soul of the social event... Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Be More Successful In Life

10 Ways To Be More Successful In Life Give up the following 10 Bad Habits! Excuses Self doubt Fear of Failure Procrastination People Pleasing Fear of Success Negative Thinking Self-talk that limits your creativity and responsiveness Judgement of others Negative... Continue Reading →

How Can I Succeed In My Job?

How Can I Succeed In My Job? Success in any job or situation is all about recognising three areas in your activity that need to be identified and then recognised for what they ARE, not what you think they MIGHT... Continue Reading →

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