How To Fail At The Negotiating Table

How To Fail At The Negotiating Table

  1. Negotiating to Win – a good negotiation should end with something of value and worth being held by all parties at the table. Nobody likes to come away with nothing so make sure that what you achieve (your “gains”) are not to the major detriment of the others taking part. Remember, people have long memories if the negotiation process has been bruising.
  2. Gaining power by undermining the position of others. Never be tempted to humiliate or totally dominate through rubbishing or aggressively challenging the position or views of the others present. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of an approach like that?
  3. Showing a lack of respect. However you might perceive those around you never fall into the trap of belittling others to make your points or to drive home your advantage. It is a poor negotiator/manager/leader who does this. Also never be dismissive of ideas presented by the other party however tempting this might be.
  4. Never impose your views and opinions onto the others present. It is a very rude and uncompromising manager who does not allow a free-flow of information around the table even if this might be a route away from a quick process. People like to feel they have aired their own views and are unwelcoming of those who seek to dominate and excessively control the action.

If in doubt think of the views of an HR professional I knew who worked for Rolls Royce; always give the other side their bus fare home because nobody ever likes to feel they have got nothing from the process. Also this means the door remains open for further talking and negotiation in the future.

Good Luck!

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