Negotiating Successfully

How To Have Excellent Communication Skills In Negotiations

How To Have Excellent Communication Skills In Negotiations The skills of negotiation are the skills of effective communication: poor communicators NEVER do well in a negotiation. In the heat of a negotiation it is essential to get your communication style... Continue Reading →

Business Etiquette – How To Succeed In The East

  Business Etiquette -  How To Succeed In The East There are many cultural differences between the Eastern and Western way of doing business that frequently lead to either lost business or very short-lived commercial partnerships. Cultural differences underpin a... Continue Reading →

The Seven Golden Tips Of Negotiation

The Seven Golden Tips Of Negotiation How exactly do you get good deals without turning into some form of autocratic bruiser that then alienates the other party? This is not chess Negotiation is more like dating where the quality of... Continue Reading →

How To Fail At The Negotiating Table

How To Fail At The Negotiating Table Negotiating to Win – a good negotiation should end with something of value and worth being held by all parties at the table. Nobody likes to come away with nothing so make sure... Continue Reading →

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