Personal Growth

Resilience – You’ve Got This!

Resilience – You’ve Got This! Failures and crises are an inevitable part of our personal and professional life. They can be devastating, life-changing, and transformative. They can make or break a career, a family, ruin domestic and working relationships and... Continue Reading →

What High Achievers Do

What High Achievers Do Have a clear task and purpose Focus on achieving results Have a clear view of their personal vision and values Can effectively and efficiently solve problems and make decisions Recognise conflict when it happens and effectively... Continue Reading →

What Is My Personality Type At Work?

What Is My Personality Type At Work? See if you can spot the following “types” where you work: Reserved Role Models Average Self-centred Three quick questions spring to mind: Which one is your Boss and how are you managing them?... Continue Reading →

What Does A Successful Manager Look Like?

What Does A Successful Manager Look Like? Managers and Leaders who achieve consistently results follow these patterns: They define themselves precisely what they want to do. They set demanding but not unrealistic time scales in which to do it. They... Continue Reading →

What Management Skills Are Needed In Different Management Jobs?

What Management Skills Are Needed In Different Management Jobs? Supervisors need a lot of technical skill and technical knowledge, a reasonable amount of people skills and relatively fewer conceptual or long-term planning skills. Middle Managers need a roughly even distribution... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Quality Improvements

Monday Morning Quality Improvements Make Monday the day when you consciously change things that are either getting you down or try to refocus in terms of the quality of your outputs. Firstly, identify something that you want to change or... Continue Reading →

How To Refresh Your Managerial Style

How To Refresh Your Managerial Style Managers can stagnate and become stale if we do not look to refresh and renew our approaches to a whole range of topics. If we fall into this trap we stifle initiative, we fail... Continue Reading →

How Can I Improve My Work Output?

How Can I Improve My Work Output? If we have a Project that has gone well the temptation is to bathe in the glory and then move onto the next big issue – whilst this is a perfectly natural thing... Continue Reading →

How To Successfully Promote BRAND ME

How To Successfully Promote BRAND ME To get on we all must make the most of our skills and abilities. Unfortunately, BRAND ME is your responsibility and yours alone, so the trick is to make the most of what you... Continue Reading →

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