Do I Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

Do I Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

There is no “typical” Entrepreneur: we are all individuals with our own drivers and passions in making our business everything we want it to be. In the early stages we will be totally committed, inseparable from the cut and thrust of what the business needs, eventually leading to a position where the business can run on its own and we can sit back and be less “hands-on”.

The DNA of the Entrepreneur boils down into the following areas:

Need for achievement: hitting the target, recognising and acting upon a gap in the current market.

Being comfortable with Risk Taking: calculated decisions taken relatively easily with the end-goal in focus. Gains do not come to anyone who always thinks of safety first!

Confident of success: having total faith in the product or service that we are delivering

Energy in chasing goals: putting a huge amount of intellect and effort into what we believe in.

Need for autonomy: the strong desire for independence and freedom of activity and thought, the like of which is seldom experienced in a standard employee position.

Focus of control falls upon you: we can influence the product/service and the environment within which we operate. This internal locus of control is essential in overcoming difficulties and in charting the way forward.

Tolerating ambiguity and uncertainty: being prepared to look beyond the current difficulties we might be experiencing and to see the rewards on the horizon.

Whatever your business idea, leap into the opportunity and make it work for you.

Good Luck!

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