What Makes An Entrepreneur Tick?

What Makes An Entrepreneur Tick?

We all need the drive and passion to make that business idea fly, but what really sets the Entrepreneur apart from the run-of-the-mill business person?

Some people are attracted towards small business ownership almost by a gravitational pull which includes the following Pull Factors:

Desire for independence: that feeling of autonomy and freedom that can only come from pushing the boundaries of your experience and knowledge

Desire to exploit an opportunity: seeing a gap in a market through spotting it or by personal knowledge is a very exciting place to be. This can come from specific product development and possibly the use of new, cutting edge technology and know-how.

Turning and interest, hobby or previous work experience into a business opportunity. Having the passion for a cherished activity and harnessing that to start a new venture.

Financial incentives: the rewards of succeeding in your own business and the possibility of long-term financial independence are very strong incentives for success.

Whatever your business idea, leap into the opportunity and make it work for you.

Good Luck!

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