5 Essentials Of Successful Leadership

5 Essentials Of Successful Leadership

Strong and effective Leadership boils down to 5 key areas of personal development – see how you measure up against them.

Aims: what exactly are you trying to achieve? Have you carefully and systematically identified what they are, how they can be measured and that you are committed to expending energy in achieving them?

Style: are you able to practice different styles of leadership in different situations? Leadership is not a “one size fits all” activity and it is essential to have a range of approaches under your belt so that you have flexibility in your dealings with a wide range of different people and situations. Are you able to get your team to work together well, taking into account their individual personalities and attributes?

People: does your leadership style encourage each individual that you manage to contribute willingly to achieving their and your own objectives? Do you value them as individuals and do you really know their skills and abilities?

Design and delivery: how are you planning to achieve your Objectives? What are they key result areas and performance levels for you and what constitutes good performance? What are your delivery milestones?

Environment: what is happening outside your own areas of responsibility? Who do you need to be aware of in your own organisation and what are the trends in the market place? Are you identifying opportunities and what are are you doing to maximise these for your own development and progression?

Change: how often and with what level of scrutiny are you reviewing your personal targets and development needs? How is your personal behaviour changing in relation to reaching your Objectives? Are you being measured and calm about reviewing your failures in as much details as you celebrating your successes?

Leadership will always be a “work in progress” and developing your skills is a constant requirement for successful leaders.

Good Luck!

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