Reviewing Your Day – Keeping A Sense Of Proportion

Reviewing Your Day – Keeping A Sense Of Proportion

Currently we are living through some strange times where the accepted ways of working have virtually disappeared.

This has resulted in excessive levels of stress and anxiety: to deal with this we all need to have a framework or method that draws a line between the stresses of the working day, and the time when we can relax and reflect objectively upon our working tasks.

Try following the pointers below to make that change in your focus:

Take time to reflect and think about the day that has just passed.

Identify three things that went well.

Identify three things that did not go well and then let them go!

Choose an action that symbolises the end of the day; a simple closure of your Laptop will do this nicely!

Consciously switch your attention to home and then relax.

The need for getting an effective balance into our lives has never been greater!

Good Luck!

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