How Can I Be More Resilient?

How Can I Be More Resilient?

Management is always a challenge – if the job were simple and straightforward, everyone would be doing it!

Challenges come along, pressure builds, too much to do in too little time, the list goes on!

What makes a good manager or leader is down to many different factors but one very important consideration is developing Resilience, to allow us to deal with the many different tests that come along in the course of trying to achieve Objectives.

The following characteristics should be uppermost in the mind when riding the rigors of management:

Adaptability: our ability to accept changes in working situations and continue to work at a high level of performance. This is often measured in our ability, or lack of ability, in taking criticisms and using them to improve on our delivery as opposed to paying no regard to negative feedback or, even worse, becoming hostile to those who have given their views.

Self-Control: not being adversely affected by our internal judgments, desires, or perceptions as to do so puts at risk our ability to make rational decisions, even when faced with complications or difficulties. This also applies to issues where boredom is a key factor in dealing with tasks that are mundane but essential to the success of the organisation.

Self-Sufficiency: the ability to work autonomously without the need of guidance or relying on others to complete a task. Although some direction may be needed, this shows a confident and capable attitude when undertaking a task, whether it requires teamwork or individual attention.

Optimism: our outlook on specific events governs our positivity or negativity towards tasks and goals. Difficult challenges and problems should generate a greater level of persistence rather than begrudgingly forcing ourselves to tackle them. Not all tasks, in any job, are pleasant and personally satisfying, but they still need to be tackled.

Persistence: how we work to overcome difficulties and the level of commitment and effort applied in such circumstances are always being assessed and judged by those around us. This quality is very important when challenges and disappointments occur frequently so being able to persevere in order to achieve our targets.

Remember, even the most resilient people you know are always having to work at this skill.

Good Luck!

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