The Secrets Of Staying Strong

The Secrets Of Staying Strong

Everyone needs a pool of resilience in times of uncertainty and change: just merely coping with a situation is the very least that anyone should be doing. Better still is the ability to re-engineer and modify yourself, how you go about completing your tasks and how you relate to others.

Resilience is all about being proactive and strategic in planning ahead for yourself: this is all about having very clear intentions that are your priorities whilst letting go of anything else that holds you back.

In terms of staying strong there are two types of individuals – which one are you?


  • Create their own structure and path for personal growth and success
  • See what is needed and set out clear, action-focused goals
  • Are busy and active
  • Feel that they are doing something worthwhile,
  • Use the positive pressure of having to achieve to produce positive results


  • Wait for someone to tell them what to do and what the future holds
  • Wait to be rescued from the challenges that they find themselves in
  • Are bored and frustrated
  • Lack momentum and drive
  • Just go with the flow and are coasting along

Using your resilience and by staying strong stops you from falling into the Passenger group and is all about embracing lots of different options, rather than just accepting what you are being given and what is readily available.

Staying strong and being resilient is never easy, and your resilience will face serious challenges as time progresses but maintaining your focus will dramatically improve your chances of success.

Good Luck!

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