7 Positivity Strengths

7 Positivity Strengths

Being positive is a basic human trait that impacts on everything that we do, regardless of if this is in our working life, social networks and family relationships, yet many people suffer from a lack of positivity in one or many different areas.

Positivity brings a focus onto seven key areas:

  • Respect: having positive regard and esteem both for ourselves and those around us. You have little chance of being successful, however you might want to measure it, without this key strength.
  • Valuing Diversity: recognising the strengths that come from appreciating the skills, knowledge and perspectives of others is a key skill in getting on with those around us.
  • Camaraderie: the skill of developing friendships and close working/personal relationships with the circles that you find yourself in.
  • Communication: this needs to be carefully considered so that your messages are respectful and considerate, remembering that this is a two-way process. Always try to listen twice as much as you talk!
  • Constructive Interaction: making sure that the dealings we have with everyone are balanced, fair and mutually beneficial. Nobody wants to be exploited or taken for granted so it is important to keep asking yourself how healthy the relationships you have are for both sides.
  • Optimism: being positive and looking for the best in situations is a key strength and an indicator of a balanced and forward-looking individual. People that are optimistic and positive will always draw others to them while the negative people that we know put people off making links with them.
  • Trust: this is another two-way skill and needs to be developed to the point that others are happy in your company and comfortable in your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Positivity is not always easy and it takes time to develop: issues will come along that will challenge your positivity but it is essential to recognise these tests and to be resilient so that any dip in your positivity is only temporary.

Good Luck!

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