Three Classic Management Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them


Three Classic Management Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Running a business/department/function is not an easy task and even the best manager will make mistakes – the trick here is to learn from the mistakes you have made and, above all else, avoid the Management Howlers below.

  1. I know it all, do it my way

If you are too rigid in terms of decision making you are effectively closing your mind to the often very valid suggestions that others in the team are making, same goes for their opinions too.

You just cannot know it all – to think so shows a poor management ethos. You will be seen as arrogant which will never inspire confidence in the team which then limits the quality and range of decisions being made. Excellent leaders listen very carefully to those around them, using those multiple points of view to then act clearly and decisively going forward. By doing this you will draw team members to you, rather than driving them away,

  1. Own your mistakes in public

Never blame external factors and “issues beyond my control” for mistakes and setbacks – these are down to you and only you. Recognise this and be honest when you have made a mistakes and the unexpected or unpleasant outcome that then materialises. By being very clear about what you want to achieve you can reduce this risk and build everything around the Objectives for the business.

Become focused upon accountability. Accountability can be a shared experience IF your team knows what they need to do, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

  1. Be realistic and honest

Just say things the way that they are – there is no point in exaggerating the position or underplaying a problem, this will only find you out in the end.  Being focused upon winning at all costs and sacrificing the truth gets little reward in the long-term and untruths will always come back to haunt you.

Other practical steps here include publishing your calendar for everyone to see (which increases your accountability), continually seek out the opinions and views of everyone in your team and work to fine-tune and develop your managerial skills, recognising that you are never the full deal and that there is always room for improvement. Practice really does make perfect!

Going forward, being a leader is not a simple task – if it was, everyone would be a leader. It is worth remembering, on a regular basis, that not every decision you make will be a good one and that mistakes, both big and small, are inevitable.

A bad decision is different from bad leadership, which will kill your career.

Good Luck!

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