How To Have Healthy Disagreements

How To Have Healthy Disagreements

Life, relationships and management never run smoothly and however nice and open, trusting and patient you might be, there will always be people around you with whom you disagree.

So, what can you do to manage these situations?

  • You don’t have to agree– disagreeing itself is not the problem; it’s how we do it.
  • Don’t aim for the middle ground– splitting the difference is never the answer when you fundamentally disagree. The middle ground is a poor compromise.
  • How you talk is more important than what you talk about– the dynamic that exists between you is critically important. Work on the relationship to get things moving.
  • Speak truthfully– to form meaningful relationships, total honesty is essential.
  • Listen intently and aim for empathy– take in what the other person says and respond accordingly.
  • Keep calm and rein in the insults– it is impossible to insult anyone into agreement.
  • Separate out and understand the difference between fact and opinion– opinions are perspectives to be tested against the evidence, not just weapons to be wielded against our opponents.

Disagreements always clear the air, once all of the issues have been aired and dealt with.

Good Luck!

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