How To Overcome Setbacks

How To Overcome Setbacks.

We all have to deal with setbacks and things that do not go our way.

It is not possible to win and achieve what we strive for all of the time – it would be good it life happened like that.

But is doesn’t.

The key to keeping a level perspective and keeping your focus on success is putting setbacks into context.

The manner in which we analyse and assess setbacks to our own internal self is also important. It is more than just seeing yourself as optimistic or pessimistic, and not necessarily resilient, but whatever your perception issues your stance will be an amalgamation of the following three factors.

Permanence – People who are optimistic (and therefore have more resilience) see the effects of bad events as temporary rather than permanent. Disruption and instability are treated as just an inconvenience and things that come and go but nothing more.

Pervasiveness – Resilient people don’t let setbacks or bad events affect other unrelated areas of their lives. It takes real skill to be able to ring-fence or put difficult issues into a box and keep them there until you are ready to deal with them. Managers who work within stressful and demanding situations, often where emotions run high and where difficult decisions need to be made, use this approach regularly to allow them to cut-off from the workplace and maintain a successful and nourishing social/domestic life. This is an excellent survival skill.

Personalisation – People who have resilience do not see bad or difficult events as their fault. They successfully separate out the event from any input they could consider was down to them as individuals. The focus here becomes the work and input of other people or the set of circumstances as the cause.

By carefully juggling the above factors you will be able to overcome setbacks but critically increase our ability to deal with progressively more demanding and difficult sets of circumstances.

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