5 Acid Test Questions For Monday Morning

5 Acid Test Questions For Monday Morning

Monday is far more than just the start of the week – it is the time when we all question what we are doing in the job, how we are progressing and how motivated we feel.

It is also the time to review and then move forward, setting out how you will change things and better yourself.

5 Acid Test questions to ask yourself THIS Monday are:

  1. Are my abilities recognised and held in high regard by my manager and the wider organisation?
  2. Is there potential for me in the organisation in the short, medium and long term?
  3. Are my targets or objectives achievable and, equally importantly, do they motivate and inspire me?
  4. Am I optimistic about my future in my current organisation?
  5. Am I empowered to make decisions and free to make decisions about what and how I spend my working day?

If the honest answer to any of the above is a clear and resounding No! then it is time to either seek changes to your work role or to find something else that motivates you more.

Difficult questions need to be asked on a regular basis before acceptance and resignation to your current situation becomes embedded in your thinking and in your behaviour patterns.

Good Luck!

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