Weak Management

How To Deal With My Management Weaknesses

How To Deal With My Management Weaknesses Getting the job is the easy bit – delivering regularly what is required is the hard bit! A few managers do very well in their job and move on to bigger and better... Continue Reading →


What Does Ineffective Management Look Like?

What Does Ineffective Management Look Like? The list could be endless but as a minimum try to avoid the following traps! Poor communication (content, style, approach) Disengaged and disinterested in the organisation and the team Toxic “atmosphere” Not sharing information... Continue Reading →

What Poor Managers Do

What Poor Managers Do Manage the bottom line: having a total and unhealthy obsession with the financial aspects of activity. Making plans for every action: no spontaneity or learning is necessary! Move managers around frequently and at short notice so... Continue Reading →

10 Truly Terrible Management Mistakes

10 Truly Terrible Management Mistakes Nobody EVER gets it right the first time or every time – mistakes are just about the learning process and while we aim to get things right all the time we all make mistakes –... Continue Reading →

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