Time Management

What Are Meetings For?

What Are Meetings For? “There are too many meetings here!” How often do you hear that in the workplace? Too many times I would guess. There should only be one of five reasons for a meeting which are; To exchange... Continue Reading →

How To Get The Most From Your Commute

Managing Your Commute It is a sad fact of life that our careers will inevitably involve some degree of travelling to get the job we really want, the career progression we aspire to and the income and status levels we... Continue Reading →

2015 Business Resolutions

Business Resolutions for 2015. Let’s make 2015 the year that things really get moving for you and your business. Maximise Profit and Reduce Costs. We all see that this is what we should be doing all of the time but,... Continue Reading →

An Effective Set of Priorities?

A Senior Manager’s Diary. One senior Manager sat down to separate out what he regarded as the major responsibilities of his job. He listed 6 key areas for himself. A             Relationships with Head office B             Long-term and strategic planning C           ... Continue Reading →

Basic Time Management – Getting More From Your Day

Basic Time Management – Getting More From Your Day We have all heard of the adage “Time is Money” and have probably dismissed it as an old, quaint saying that is irrelevant to the way in which we run our... Continue Reading →

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