Staff Retention

How To Investigate High Staff Turnover

How To Investigate High Staff Turnover Loosing staff is an expensive business: loss of hands on to complete tasks, loss of critical competences, loss of knowledge and skill and a loss of order and structure to the flow of work.... Continue Reading →

How Are Staff Retention, Staff Skill And Service Quality Linked?

How Are Staff Retention, Staff Skill And Service Quality Linked? Appreciation makes employees feel appreciated and valued. Attracting and retaining high-skilled employees is a primary goal for businesses. To lose staff is a serious cost made worse by the possibility... Continue Reading →

How To Run Excellent 1:1 Meetings

How To Run Excellent 1:1 Meetings All employees need and value regular 1:1 meetings with their manager – this is one feature of all successful organisations, where commitment to staff development and personal growth are high on the agenda. You... Continue Reading →

Why Do Employees Leave?

Why Do Employees Leave? Staff turnover is inevitable and to some point we will want to achieve what we identify as “healthy” staff turnover to avoid our organisation becoming stale and unresponsive to external, and internal, changes. The problem is... Continue Reading →

Why do Staff Leave?

People don’t leave Employers they leave Managers! Let’s be honest – sometimes we want staff to leave either because they are “past their sell-by date” and need a new challenge, the sparkle and promise they offered at interview has evaporated... Continue Reading →

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