Project Management

How Do I Critically Evaluate My Project?

How Do I Critically Evaluate My Project? Projects are expensive processes where the commissioning person or organisation expects to see some significant change, improvement or delivery/performance improvements, often on a large scale. It is critical here to look at the... Continue Reading →

Four Key Components Of A Project

Four Key Components Of A Project Management is all about managing and delivering on a Project: this requires a degree of skill and logical thinking with a clear focus upon outcomes and objectives. If you are able to set out... Continue Reading →

How To Start A Management Project

How To Start A Management Project Focus on the important things – what is essential to include here? Once this has been decided everything is now important in the process Write a Schedule that is realistic and which has a... Continue Reading →

How To Monitor Operational Activity Effectively

How To Monitor Operational Activity Effectively Identify and measure the key performance indicators necessary for the task Make sure that you monitor the inputs to the activity as well as the outcomes Measure progress against both plans and budgets Run... Continue Reading →

How To Get Your Management Project Supported

How To Get Your Management Project Supported Relate the project to achievement of strategic goals, directly or indirectly: be clear how what you want to develop fits into the Mission and Strategic objectives of the organisation Demonstrate (or imply) good... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons Why Project Teams Fail

7 Reasons Why Project Teams Fail Nobody likes failure especially if there have been serious amounts of resources loaded into a Project yet around 25% of projects never achieve what they set out to accomplish and a whopping 50% do... Continue Reading →

Project Management Teams – How Do They Work?

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAMS – HOW DO THEY WORK? Project Management Teams are groups of staff working collectively on an assignment or task which can be live for a couple of months or may last for several years depending upon the... Continue Reading →

Top Tips To Avoid Project Management Failure

Top Tips To Avoid Project Management Failure  The key objective in project management is to complete your project successfully. Project teams are specifically brought together to solve critical issues and problems where failure to diagnose and recommend a solution are... Continue Reading →

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