Overcoming Resistance

How To Deal With Negativity Towards Change

How To Deal With Negativity Towards Change Bringing change into the workplace is not easy and the possibility of this creating resistance amongst staff is an ever-present threat. To overcome this situation requires patience and determination but the following pointers... Continue Reading →


How To Overcome Objections

How To Overcome Objections You carefully identify your prospective customer and set out how you will make your pitch with the product or service that you totally know is right for them. Things initially go well and then you are... Continue Reading →

Four Top Tips For Successful Change

Four Top Tips For Successful Change Cognitive recognition: we are all suspicious of change but the more we understand why change is necessary (often by seeing what will happen if we DO NOT accept change!) the more likely we are... Continue Reading →

Making Innovation Work For You

The 5 Stages Of Innovation Suppose that you have just identified a brilliant new product and that you are totally convinced that this will be the very next big thing. You have already ordered the Rolls Royce, the island in... Continue Reading →

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